The Strix is a place for challenge, not comfort.

When we started this site, we had two problems. Firstly, many of the magazines we were reading were overly focused on the details of the moment, rather than the bigger problems and ideas which explain current events. Secondly, we felt like many of today’s publications did not do enough to challenge their own readers and so readers were not challenging themselves. Our media seemed guilty of feeding a high-brow cognitive dissonance.

The Strix is an international review of culture and politics with an aim to put challenge over comfort. This goal is not just for our writers, but also for our readers. We want to be a place where people challenge their own ideas by reading outside of their comfort zones, an idea articulated in one of our opening articles on therapeutic politics. Our writers are asked also to write strongly and with conviction with ideas and perspectives which may not be comforting.

Contributing to the Strix

We welcome submissions from different writers across the world, although we will not publish everything we receive.

If you have an idea for an article and want to be part of our community of writers, then send us a pitch to editor@thestrix.com

Unfortunately, we are a small volunteer-run site, so cannot yet pay for submissions. We will encourage people to donate to our authors through Patreon (if the author uses the service) or other services which the author has set up. Our authors are also welcome to republish their articles on their own sites.


Our site is run and edited by volunteers:

Editor: Lewis Miller – Lewis is a Political Science PhD Researcher at the European University Institute in Florence. He specialises in EU integration theory but also has an interest in British, European and Scottish politics as well as European history. He tweets from @lewgmiller.

Deputy Editor: Nicholas Barrett – Nicholas is a Research Associate who has contributed articles to the New Statesman, Open Democracy, Mensa Magazine and the Huffington Post. He tweets from @nbarrett100.

Deputy Editor: Ellen Halliday – Ellen is a journalist at the European University in Florence. Once upon a time, she was an intellectual historian with an interest in selfhood and sincerity. Previously, she has worked for the BBC World Service, Journeyman Pictures and Full Fact. She tweets from @ellen_halliday.